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indd. The article has received 689 views. If you want to share it, please click here. Go to the GEO front page Cannabis: A Natural Medicine by Janet C. Holm In the early 1990's I had consulted a physician for untreated hypertension and had asked if she would prescribe cannabis oil, in particular the cannabinoid ephedrine. Her response was: "What makes you think you know how I would treat hypertension?" "Well," I responded, "I heard that ephedrine and cannabis have similar actions in the body." "You are absolutely correct," she replied. "Ephedrine is derived from cannabis and has been used for over one hundred years as a medicine. I have used it for over thirty years." "My goal is to return you to good health," she remarked. "Do you have any other suggestions?" I asked. "Yes, I would like you to have the dietary information which I have received from a friend who has been researching cannabis, hemp, and its medicinal properties for over twenty years. She is a trained dietitian." "I don't think I could be of much help," I responded. "Well," she concluded, "I would like to give you the names of the main herbs used in the US. I have provided a bibliography." Herb names and information from her handwritten bibliography were sent to me in the subsequent mail. I made copies of the printed material on healing herbs which I still have today. I began to use cannabis oil in treating my hypertension. I had experimented with smoking marijuana in my teens and liked the "high" but realized that I would probably need to move to another state if I were going to smoke a joint every day. I continued to use cannabis oil daily and gradually decreased the ephedrine dose while watching measurements on my blood pressure. The combination of cannabis oil and ephedrine has been working very well since the early 1990's. Nowadays I know that cannabis is more than a medicine. Cannabis is the spice of life. It enhances every aspect of life and enables people to enjoy their lives ecstatically. My daily cannabis consumption is at a




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Lumion 2.5 Pro With Patch

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